11th International Choreography Competition Ballet-ex

 April 9, 2022 -Orione Theatre - Rome (Italy)


Application form competition


The International Choreography Competition Ballet-ex is designed to discover and promote emerging dance choreographers.

 Founded in 2010 by Luisa Signorelli , artistic  director, Choreography Competition Ballet  is an annual event that has become a major attraction for choreographic talent from Italy and Europe and the leading choreography competition for dance in Italy.

 The competition enables choreographers to submit their work   to a jury of recognized members of the dance world and has helped launch the careers of many talented artists.

 Art 1) Choreographic Competition " Ballet- ex " will take place at the Teatro Orione in Rome on 9 April 2022. Open to independent choreographers ,  choreographic group, dance schools, emerging companies , both Italian and foreign . The competition is open to solos, duets, and group works.  Every stile of dance is accepted classical , neo-classical , contemporary, modern, hip hop, urban dance .

 The category in which you can present are 4:
- Baby: the dancers must be aged between 6 and 10 years
- Juniors: the dancers must be aged between 11 and 15 years
- Seniors: 16 years and up (unlimited)
- Professional: includes groups, soloist, pas de deux with professional experiences.
If a group is mixed age will be placed in the category they belong to the majority of students.

 Article 2) The contest will be held on the afternoon for baby and junior and on the evening for senior and professional
   Art3 : To participate , candidates must submit , no later than March 25/ 2022 the
- Application form
- A short CV and a photo of the choreographer
- First and last names of the dancers with their generality of the dancers ( date of birth , address, parents' authorization if the student is a minor)

- - The music in mp3 file named or with the name of the choreography (the file and the choreography must have the same name)
- Copy of the payment of the registration fee to the following address :
by email  info@balletex.com  :

- The payment must be made on:

Banca Popolare Emilia Romagna

Current account number 133316 made payable to Associazione Ballet ex

Iban : IT95Y0538703222000000133316

 or you can also use pay pal.(in this case please email us before make the payment)

 The entry fee is as follows:

- Soloist: 60.00 euros: with which you will receive 2 tickets (50 euros if the dancer also participates in a group)
- Duet and pad de deux: 80.00 euros: with which you will receive 2 tickets (60 euros if the dancers also participate in a group)
- Group: for groups the fee is 25 euros with which each student receives 1 ticket
The guys who dance twice pay 20 euros per choreography, a total of 40 euros. (With two tickets)

Each dancer will receive one free ticket to the show, other tickets will be purchased at the theater box at the price of EUR 10 per ticket

Article 4) The duration of the choreography must not exceed 3 minutes for soloist, 4  for pas de deux and 5 minutes minutes for groups.

Article 5) The jury will award the final decision and regardless of the style of the best dance choreography categories baby, juniors, seniors and professional

Article 6) Prizes will be as follows:

Baby category:

  - First prize groups:trophy and  invitation to attend as guests of honor at an event organized by "Ballet-ex"

  - Second prize groups: trophy and scholarships

- Third prize groups: trophy

A prize in solo and duo / duet

Junior Level:

- First prize: Trophy Ballet-ex and, and invitation to participate as guests of honor at an event organized by "Ballet-ex"

- Second prize: trophy and scholarships

- Third prize: trophy

Senior category:

- Trophy Ballet-ex and participation as guests of honor at an event organized by "Ballet-ex"

- Second prize: trophy and scholarships

- Third Prize: Trophy

A prize in solo and duo / duet

Professional category:

- Trophy

  Other prizes and awards:

- Best Performance

- Best teamwork

- Choreographic impact

- Critics Award

- Scholarships for events

Article 7) The competitors are responsible for personal insurance for damage they can cause to themselves or others during the entire day of competition.

 Art 10 ) Any objects  must be easily removed .
Art 11) The members of the jury will be announced 15 days before the date of the Competition.
Art 12) " Ballet- ex" reserves the right to film, record , broadcast on television , in part or in full , the phases of the competition, without paying any fees to the dancers .
During the event it is absolutely forbidden to take pictures or shoot with the camera, under penalty of exclusion from the theater and competition . It will be available to schools an official photographer and a video service exclusively
  info@luisasignorelli.it o info@balletex.com For more info call 3394767039 or write to the organizational and artistic director Luisa Signorelli in info@luisasignorelli.it or info@balletex.com






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